Ethical Fashion Challenge

Attempting a whole year of shopping for ethical clothing in Australia

Purchase #4 and #5: Op Shop Mum & Bhalo

So my mum is an amazing op-shopper!  So much so that she bought me some shirts while on holiday in Brisbane, visiting me.  In true mum fashion she picked two … Continue reading

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In Search of Quality: My Fashion Fast Against Fast Fashion

“Now that my fashion fast is over, I should be feeling the urge to go on a shopping spree, perhaps even a fast-fashion binge. And yet this experience left me … Continue reading

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Some updates: Izzy Lane & Catapult Earth

Just a quick update –  I ordered a skirt from Izzy Lane, via the Made By Hands of Britain store, a few weeks ago.  It took just over 2 weeks … Continue reading

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A good article, and a quick update

Sweatshops Still Make Your Clothes Why do we care about sweatshops, and yet major manufacturers don’t seem compelled to do anything about it?  Why have people known about terrible conditions … Continue reading

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Purchase #3 – Izzy Lane

After a lot of deliberating, I ordered a skirt from Izzy Lane last night.  It’s not local, and it’s not cheap (although it was 80% off), but it’s cute and … Continue reading

March 20, 2013 · 1 Comment

Ethical Brand: Sustainable Fashion (Brisbane)

Sustainable Fashion’s online store opened late last year, and the Brisbane-based company sells two labels – Rant, made in Australia from natural fibres, and Bestowed, with the added credentials of … Continue reading

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Australian Made and the Ethical Clothing Australia tag

Australian made clothing is immediately attractive to me – we have fairly good working conditions and minimum wages in this country, and as a bonus, my purchase will support local … Continue reading

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Purchase #2 – Op Shopping (poppin’ tags!)

A quick update on my recent op-shop haul: black Zara short-shorts – $4 because they had a hole in the pocket which I fixed in 5 minutes with the sewing … Continue reading

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The Rules

In 2012, I decided I was buying too many cheap clothes, not really knowing where they had come from and more importantly, whether they were made in a sweatshop.  When … Continue reading

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Purchase #1 – Gold Hawk shirt

If I’m buying more expensive stuff than usual I’m probably going to have to buy less!  I guess that is kind of the point of this exercise.  It’s also an … Continue reading

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